Stargate comes to mind when we think of Egyptology and wormholes. But in actuality, perhaps the mind should come to mind. Ancient Egypt was, in many ways, a major hub of activity. What we know of Ancient Egypt is mostly mystified and lost in translation. Most important to the culture was perhaps the generation of ideas. It was ideas that were put on a pedestal to be deified. HOW ideas were generated is best symbolized by the ankh. 


The ankh symbolizes the entheogens that were consumed to reach new mental heights. 

illustration by Jeff Dahl

Depictions of Amun showed his mind… his brain with its two hemispheres… reaching new mental heights. 

 Much of this coincided with the other hemisphere… global hemisphere. 

Mayan Dresden Codex


How might time play out in a mind universe? In a mind universe there can be more than one mind. Can there be more than one time for each mind… more than one time line… more than one singularity? And would time be more than just a time line? Is time more multi-dimensional than we think? 

A singularity like the Big Bang may have caused the universe to expand. What if, in a mind universe, there were more than one singularity… or mind event… as each singularity occurred simultaneously, expanded, and overlapped? 

Can overlapping singularities cause a “time/mind travel” event to occur?

Negative and Positive are binary terms. In terms of the brain… the mind… neurons, which are more negatively charged inside and more positively charged outside while at rest, traverse the synaptic gap to communicate signals in a molecular, electro-chemical, and binary process. 

Computers function and communicate on a binary level. Their binary data is transported fiber optically and through wi-fi technology. 

 Negative/gravitational energy that may be involved in wormholes may allow for time travel and warp drives for faster-than-light cyberspace travel. 

 Data traversing fiber optics, and especially through chains like The Onion Router (TOR) could theoretically produce speed-of-light or faster than speed-of-light conditions by which internet time travel is possible on some level… 


The importance of psychology and psychiatry to quantum physics is that the mind… the brain itself… is a whole universe with billions of neurons… mappable in quantum terms… explorable in quantum terms and on quantum levels. By observing mental states, it becomes that much more possible to observe quantum states. 

The theories of time that abound depend on what standard or definition is placed on time. 

If time is consistent in nature, then the boundaries of time are severally limited. 

Assuming time itself is actually consistent, what would define a time travel event? 

For time to change/travel, reality would have to change… reality is based on perceptions… perceptions are mental… something mentally would have to change/travel in order for time to travel… hence mind travel… on a time scale… or time travel on a mind scale… via altering reality… mind altering… mind altering substance… time altering substance. Is this the only way time travel is possible? Not physically… but mentally? What about virtually? As in virtual reality… virtual time travel? What about mixed reality? Can mixed reality cause mixed time travel, producing an alternate time line? 

 There will always be a timeline that is consistent in reality… 

In mixed reality… mixed timelines can occur… one consistent… one that can be altered… 

Would we have to get to a point were virtual/mixed reality is just as real as reality in order to obtain an alternate timeline that can be traveled back and forth upon? Insertion into a continuously recorded virtual reality?

Recorded virtual reality timeline = time travel in an alternate reality…  

Is it possible that mental insertion into an alternate reality has already happened? 

What role could a mental illness (schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, amnesia) play in time travel? Could a mental illness alternately be called “time insertion” or “time displacement”? 

 (2019-07-24_03:25pm EST)

The Big Bang would have caused the universe in dimensions of space to expand omnidirectionally. 

Could the Big Bang cause the universe in the dimension(s) of time to expand omnidirectionally as well… which would make time travel more possible when put in nonlinear terms? 

(2019-08-20, 4:35pm EST)